Please Don't Weigh Me

All eating disorders are about far more than weight and appearance. Nevertheless, weight can be a hugely triggering topic for anyone in recovery for an eating disorder.

Ideally, clients for whom being weighed is triggering won’t be weighed unless absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, too many services insist on weighing individuals even when it isn’t necessary. All individuals are entitled to withhold consent to be weighed when it isn’t absolutely necessary. Sadly, low self-esteem, low self-worth and low confidence are common for people with an eating disorder which means that they can struggle to challenge someone in authority. 

To help with this, all of my clients are offered a ‘Please don’t weigh me’ card. If one of my clients shows you one of these cards, please:

  • Only weigh them if it is absolutely necessary;
  • Explain exactly why it is necessary so that my client can give you their informed consent;
  • Give my client the option of being blind weighed so that they do not know their weight.

Please don’t:

  • Pressure my client to be weighed if it isn’t absolutely necessary;
  • Call out their weight if other people might hear it;
  • Make any comments on their weight, even if you’re trying to be helpful or supportive.

Please keep in mind that eating disorders are life threatening conditions. A fifth of all individuals with anorexia will die from the illness or from suicide. Relapses can be triggered easily, especially early on in recovery, and can be fatal.