Support for Loved Ones

Support for Loved Ones

An eating disorder doesn’t only affect the individual who is living with it, it also affects family and friends.

Eating disorders are complex mental illnesses that affect everyone around them. It’s vitaly important that everyone remembers that no one chooses to have an eating disorder. Your loved one is not choosing to be ill.

Supporting someone with an eating disorder can be confusing, distressing, and tiring. You desperately want to help the person that you love but you’re unsure of what to do for the best and you’re scared of making the illness worse.

It can be helpful to have professional support to help you through this.

I support family and friends with:

  • Counselling sessions to process your own emotional response to the situation
  • Information about eating disorders
  • Practical things that you can do to support your loved one while also taking care of yourself

It’s important to bear in mind that I am not offering ‘therapy by proxy’. I can’t tell you how to help your loved one recover from an eating disorder. What I am offering is a way to help you support them as best you can while also taking care of yourself.

I’m also unable to work with the individual who is living with the eating disorder AND a family member.

If you’re supporting a loved one with an eating disorder and you’d like to talk about having some support for yourself, please contact me to discuss your options.