Fees and Availability

Your treatment will be centred around working with your therapist
on a regular, usually weekly, basis.


Therapy sessions last an hour and are £70.00.  

Some clients will choose to also see our support worker or dietitian to help with particular challenges, but these are entirely optional.

Support worker appointments are £31.50 per hour, but appointment lengths are flexible depending on the reason for the appointment. Shorter or longer appointments are charged on a pro rata basis.

Dietitian appointments last an hour and cost £84.

We believe in being open and honest with clients. We know that it’s important for you to know how much recovery is going to cost so that you can budget for it. All of the costs above include the appointment and any additional work that needs to be undertaken, such as writing letters, reports and liaising with other professionals. There are no hidden costs when working with us.

Emergency Service Workers

We are incredibly grateful for the work that the emergency service personnel do on a daily basis. Whether you’re in the police force, ambulance service, fire brigade, coast guard or mountain rescue, we owe you a massive thank you!

Our way of saying thank you is to give you, and your dependents, 25% off your therapy appointments* with us. This is a long term policy, not a short term offer and the number of sessions that you can have isn’t limited. Spaces are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

You don’t have to be a frontline worker to get this discount, you can be employed in any role. All we need to see is evidence that you are employed by one of the emergency services.

*The 25% discount is on therapy appointments only. All other appointments are charged at the full rate.

Appointment Availability

Appointments are held Monday-Friday across the day and evening. Our first appointments start at 9:30am and our last appointments start at 7pm.

You’re welcome to come to our clinic in Bridgwater in person, or we can work with you online. Roughly half of our clients work with us online and achieve great results.