Binge Eating Disorder: An Important Issue During Men’s Health Week

As we celebrate Men’s Health Week, we must highlight issues often unspoken among men. One such issue is Binge Eating Disorder (BED). BED is a severe, but treatable eating disorder characterised by recurrent episodes of eating large quantities of food, often quickly and to the point of discomfort. Unlike other eating disorders, individuals with BED […]

Understanding T1DE A Hidden Battle in Diabetes Management 

What is T1DE?   Type 1 Diabetes with Disordered Eating (T1DE) is a serious and often overlooked condition that affects individuals with Type 1 Diabetes. It occurs when a person deliberately reduces or skips their insulin doses to lose weight. This dangerous practice is a combination of an eating disorder and diabetes mismanagement.  The Role of […]

Understanding Binge Eating Disorder: The Symptoms

Modern life isn’t easy. The challenges normally start when we’re children (stress at home, pressure at school, social media comparison) and don’t tend to get easier as we become adults. It’s perfectly normal for your brain to develop coping mechanisms to help with the struggles. Sometimes, our brain learns to use food to help us […]

New Year, New You: Choosing Recovery over Diet Culture

As we step into a brand new year, it’s natural for many of us to reflect on our lives and consider making positive changes. The phrase “New Year, New You” often echoes in our minds. January is cemented into diet culture as the month to make changes and become a better, happier, more confident version of ourselves. […]

Surviving Christmas with an Eating Disorder

The festive season, with its bright lights and celebratory feasts, can be a time of joy for many. However, for those navigating the complexities of an eating disorder, Christmas can bring about a unique set of challenges that feel overwhelming. The pressure of social gatherings, the abundance of food, and the break from routine can intensify […]

Why Can’t I Stop Bingeing?

Binge eating disorder is the most common eating disorder in the UK, accounting for 50% of all cases. At current estimates, this means that somewhere between 625,000 and 3 million individuals in the UK have binge eating disorder. Unlike other eating disorders that affect women more than men, binge eating disorder affects women and men […]

Do I Have Anorexia?

This is a question that we’re frequently asked at the clinic. The very nature of anorexia means that it can be a tough question to answer, but we’re going to try! Let’s start with a brief overview of anorexia. The stereotypical image of someone with anorexia is a white teenage girl from a fairly wealthy […]