Treatment and Recovery

We believe that recovery is possible for you.

Our approach is based on one-to-one therapy provided by an experienced therapist. We use an integrated approach to support you with all aspects of your recovery.

We have five main points of focus that your therapist will guide you through during your recovery journey. There are described in more detail below.

Stabilisation - Introducing Healthier Ways of Coping

We believe that eating disorders are, primarily, a way of helping us to cope with life’s struggles. Because of this, it is vital that we start treatment by introducing new ways of coping with intense emotions and stressful situations. This allows you to feel safer and makes challenging the eating disorder easier.

Addressing the Eating Disorder

We will work together to address the specific symptoms of your eating disorder. Whether this is to help you eat a wider range of foods, eat healthy portion sizes, stop bingeing or purging. We will support you to achieve your goals and reclaim your life. We use a combination of evidence-based methods, including the two main methods of CBT-E and MANTRA.

Resolving Trauma

Trauma is one of the most common reasons that people develop an eating disorder. We believe that trauma needs to be resolved if you’re going to achieve permanent recovery. Together, we will work to resolve your trauma in a safe, compassionate and understanding way.

Resolving Co-Occurring Issues

Eating disorders do not exist on their own. Anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, low self-worth and perfectionism are all very common in people who have an eating disorder. These are part of what keeps the eating disorder going so resolving them is important for recovery.

Relapse Prevention

The very sad reality is that modern life is full of unexpected events that can really impact us. Because using food to control your emotions has worked for you in the past, there is always a risk that your brain will use food again in the future. Relapse prevention is about making sure that you have the tools available to reduce the risk.

How do I start treatment?

We know that it’s a massive deal asking for support whether it’s for yourself or someone you care about. We want to make working with us as easy and straightforward as possible.

So that you know what to expect, these are the steps that you’ll go through when you first contact us:

1. Please contact us on whichever method you prefer.

When you contact us we will ask your full name name, phone number and email address. We will also ask if you have any questions.

2. We will arrange an initial consultation for you, usually within 1-2 weeks.

The initial consultation is free and is a chance for you to meet one of our therapists. The consultation can be in person at our clinic or held online, whichever is best for you.

3. We will email you an admin form which needs to be completed before your initial consultation.

4. You have your initial consultation.

We will discuss what’s going on for you and you can ask any questions that you have for us. If both the therapist and you agree that our service could help you to recover, we’ll discuss your availability for regular appointments.

5. We will arrange your first therapy appointment

This is where your treatment with us, and more importantly your recovery, starts.